Maybe That's Enough

This view was from my deck. But the sky - it belongs to all of us. It is God's canvas for His art. It is here on display for all of us to see and love.

Cycles, Renewal

We tend as people - particularly those of us under the influence of Western culture - to place great emphasis and value on the "up cycle". But, as the name implies, a cycle is an oscillation, or a vibration, between…

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Can We All Get Along?

What do Rodney King and a bunch of birds on a lake have in common? 

Watch to find out...


"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along…

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Invited Guests

I think that God made each and every one of us capable of becoming embodiments of the most amazing blessings and the most lovely kindness. We are, in fact, beautiful creatures - at least in potentia. This gives us…

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#22 Something More Important

Please tell me: who in the world is doing something more important than this mother, bringing new life to the world, and caring for the young life she's already brought?

Or this couple, who have stopped long…

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#19 Visiting the Inexplicable

Some things are very difficult to share. Which is why I guess we have poets and storytellers and artists and musicians to create vehicles of expression that can contain such things in transferable form. Still, we don't really know…

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#18 Clarity

Is Clarity connected to veracity, like the moment the truth of the matter emerges from its attendant ambiguities?