A New Beautiful Every Day

There are those of us who are adventurous in a way that provides a motivation to explore new horizons and experiences. There are also those of us who are adventurous in an inner way, exploring how they are different from moment to moment - because all that is alive is constantly being renewed, replaced by a new self that presents itself differently for each occasion.

Thich Nhat Hahn puts it this way: "It is because of impermanence that everything is possible. Our hope lies in impermanence."

Or, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe explains, continuous newness represents a fusion of time and timelessness. So one can do the "same" thing many times but - with the right energy - it can be new and vital each time.

The sun is not bounded by our ideas of ourselves and - here's the good part - neither are we. Whenever, wherever we let go of those self-limiting ideas, we have an opening through which we might enter the state of "continuous newness".

Like a new beautiful, every day.