Slowing It Down

Sometimes, the simplest things become so much more beautiful, just by slowing down your perception of them. It just allows us to notice so much more. Yes, I guess this is the opposite of multitasking, or dividing your attention between several things at once. Instead, this is an attempt to look deeply and notice more by trying to fully "tune in" to whatever is before you. Of course, there might be certain times when you feel more inclined to do that than others, but I think the key is just to try to do it more often. 

For me, a funny thing happens when I'm able to connect more with the time and place I am in. I wind up becoming more connected with and accepting of myself. I guess that makes sense since I am a part of the time and place I'm in so, as I connect with that, I connect more with myself too. And that process of connection tends to dissolve some of my boundaries. So, in effect, my sense of myself expands.

Well that's my idiosyncratic way of thinking about it. More important is just to experience it. So I offer here a very short video that attempts to capture in its own way an experience I recently had along these lines. I hope you'll enjoy.

(BTW, the music is an excerpt from Paths of the Heart. The full version is here. )