The lotus flower is the blossoming that emerges from the mud, rising through the murky water to the sunlight.

These have been, indeed, very dark times for many of us. But the Lotus of the Heart is that place in us that rises out the darkness to connect - and to be - all that is Light. For this, ultimately, is our nature, our inheritance, to reach for this Light, and then to realize that this is what we have been all along. But, until that time, I offer this music to remind us that the Lotus of the Heart is there. And it will rise.

Everyone “knows” that time proceeds along at a uniform, invariable pace. But no one actually experiences time that way! If we give it a lot of attention, it goes slow and becomes very important.  If we pay it no mind at all, it doesn’t even exist in that moment. So, in effect, Time is an inverse yardstick of how alive you are.  But it is your choice. Time is there just to tell you when you are getting off track and leaving the present moment. Think different, Time different. Understand Time as a verb, something that you do. Or don’t do. 

Heaven and Earth. Father and Mother. Light and Dark. Lover and Beloved.  Past and Future.

And here's the secret of it all: They are all One.

And this music is One with That.

Listen. Listen with your Heart and, perhaps, You will be too.