From my album, Nothing Less Than Everything.


There's always an escape. At the right time. If you're willing to go.

Sometimes that means trusting your guide (external or internal) and following it into terrain that is totally uncharted for you.

It is my perception that God's ability to create unexpected situations will always exceed our ability to project, protect, or even imagine. This is, of course, by design, to place us in relationship with the unknowable. This, if accepted, is the port of entry into the Present, whose only natural predator is our expectations.

Some of the beats in this music take unexpected twists. Some of the sections lead into unexpected musical territories. 

All of us encounter situations that become uncontainable. Then, the question becomes: with how much peace can we meet it?

My blessing to all of us is that we find that our reservoir of peace is deep enough to allow us to travel through the uncharted territories, and even the unknowable ones, when called to do so, to enter the Present, which is always and everywhere uncontainable.


Painting by Shantal Freedman 

Video editing by JG Official