Becoming Beauty

The word "becoming" has within it an intersection of concepts. It includes the idea of emerging into being, as well as the idea of being clothed in an attractive garment. The word "beauty" also brings with it many of these same associations. 

If you can spare one minute, or perhaps two if you like words, I would like to offer two, 60-second portals to beauty. You are busy. A minute or two is an investment of life. So you will need to decide if you want to take the time. But, before you do, I will just ask this question: What if this experience would allow you to become more beautiful? 

The first is music and video only. The second adds a narration. Music is by me. The video editing is by Shantal Freedman. The words and narration (on the second video) is by Tzvi Freeman. 

My blessing to you is that you become beauty, even more fully than you already are.

Video with music (click on image):


Video with music and narration: